Process Consulting

You want to built components made ​​of fiber-reinforced composites with automated machines at high quality assurance, and you are looking for suitable processing methods, we offer our knowledge…

We will advise you about possible process chains and pros and cons of different process routes. The focus is primarily on continuous fiber-reinforced systems. Basis for any consultation process is a technical analysis, an economic analysis, and as a result we will derive a suitable technical and economically solution.

Field of tension for composite solutions

Our expertise covers the traditional processing methods and processing methods, that have been entering the composite market in the last 10 years.

  • “Out-of-autoclave”-technologies
  • Non-continuous processing
    • Pressing
  • Continuous processing
    • Interval-Hot-Press (processing of continuous fiber-reinforced composites, organic sheets as well as open and closed profiles)
    • Pultrusion with reactiv thermoplastics
  • Force-flow processing