New development 2014
New automatic machine for unpacking shrink-wrapped clean packs of bottle
Fully automatic unpacking machine for clean packs ASA-4PM

This technology is able to open and unpack clean packs, even if the film has been shrunk between the items.

Some advantages of the technology:

  • CNC contour cutting. If the way of the shrinking is changing the contour can be adjusted via a fully parametric simulation in a very short time
  • Pre-cutting contours are stored. Changing is just a click on the HMI
  • The machine has no movements above the open items
  • Bottles are transferred in-between two pushers, thus reducing the risk of fallen bottles
  • Damage to the bottle by cutting are excluded by the fact that the sharp side of the blade facing away from the bottles

Dimensions of the machine:

  • Length 1500 – 1950 mm
  • Width 1250 mm
  • Height 2500 mm


  • 3-5 packages / min, depending on the contour

Dimensions of the clean pack:

  • Width 250 mm to 400 mm
  • Length 300 mm to 600 mm

Download: ASH_Vid_ASA4PM_engl

New semi-automatic machine for unpacking shrink-wrapped clean packs of bottles
New development 2013

New semi-automatic machine for unpacking shrink-wrapped layers of bottles

  • New drive technology
  • Increase output by over 25% compared to the previous model ASA-3PM
  • Very controlled, harmonious pushing of bottles by configuring the drive parameter
  • Speed adaptation to the requirements of the following machine
  • Format modules to provide rapid changeover
  • Maximum sizes of 600 x 400 mm
  • New HMI to increase usability

The new ASA-4PM semi-automatic machine can be made ​​very compact up on request.

Original model