The company

The Automation und Steeg Hoffmeyer GmbH was founded in 1972 with the aim to automate industrial value chains. Core task was to find efficient technology solutions. The company offered consulting, construction and design of special machines and additional equipment. For 40 years the Automation Steeg und Hoffmeyer GmbH has been a reliable and competent partner for the production of semi- and fully automated machinery for glass and pharmaceutical industry. As a quality proof we are proud to announce that quiet a lot of our equipment is still in use and some machines have been operating for more than three decades.

Since 2010, we are establishing the new business field for fiber-reinforced composites. The old goals and core competencies will be retained in automation technology.
Engineers and designers want lightweight material concepts, especially for the growing markets of e-mobility, the efficient use of natural resources. Everything should be combined with functional integration options, and inserted into the framework of increasing cost pressure.
The automated manufacturing of fiber-reinforced composites (FRPC or FRP) is a complex and challenging task, but on the other hand, it offers huge growing market potential. At this point, the old corporate idea is taken up and together with our customers, we are developing automated solutions for any high quality and safe production of fiber-reinforced-composite-structures.

We deliver customized system solutions, and we build special machines for the automated production of high quality fiber-reinforced-composite-structures!

To prepare for the challenges in R&D-process for innovative automation technology, the Automation Steeg und Hoffmeyer GmbH acquired a young and dynamic network of engineers, technicians, and PhD. Cooperation agreements with leading research institutions have been signed. We bundle in the field of fiber-reinforced-composite about 50-year development experience.